Lazyload Updated

During the last couple of years I found that after showing staff the YouTube detect/embed feature of Moodle they would instantly create pages that contain too many videos. This seemed to be a particular problem for the Chrome browser which would jump around the page whilst loading. It would also cause a lot of bandwidth to be used.

To resolve this I created a “LazyLoad” filter that would initially display a thumbnail of the video and using JavaScript would switch to the actual video when pressed.

I have now updated this filter to use the oEmbed protocol to download the correct embed code from YouTube as well as also working for Vimeo and TED too.

Whilst I had the oEmbed code in place I also added other sites that support this feature, although they do not “LazyLoad”. Sites include Issuu, Screenr and SoundCloud.

Click below to download the latest version of the filter that is designed for Moodle 2.7. I have not tested on earlier versions but suspect it should work on 2.5+ (if it does not then leave a message in the comments below)

I have now created a GitHub page for this filter at Please leave feedback and comments in the tracker there.

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