New Moodle Module – Gallery Resource

I have not done any coding for quite a while now but with the end of the academic year (in the UK) approaching it is time to look at Moodle 2.7 and upgrade some features.

To test how much I have forgotten I decided to create a new module to fill a requirement that I have noticed. We use the Lightbox Gallery module but for many it offers too many options and is too difficult to set up. To fix this I decided that a new resource was required that simply provides a filemanager to upload photos to and no other options.

After a couple of nights playing (mostly getting used to the File API) I have got a working prototype.

Built using the Module Template at and the Galleria Javascript Gallery at as well as the Galleria Classic Mod from

This is designed for Moodle 2.7 only although should work in earlier versions by replacing the logging code

UPDATE (Download removed)!!!
After creating this I have discovered the Media Collection module

This has “Gallery as an Activity” in a better format (IMHO) than the LightBox gallery. I will now replace the Galleria JS with the Lightbox from this module for a more consistent experience when running both.
Watch this space for updates!

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