Moodle Theme User Customisation Tool

As part of a fringe session I was asked to part present a demonstration on how to change the appearance of Moodle.

JISC’s Discover-e 2013 “The V Factor”.

Part was presented by Mark Ward from Burton and South Derbyshire College (BSDC) with details at

My section involved showcasing a tool that was added to Moodle at Sandwell College which allow users to customise aspects of the theme. I have now released a version of the “Standard” Moodle theme with that tool inserted.

You can download it from

It has been optimised so that it should be easy to take parts of this theme and add to your own in just a few steps.

  1. Add a link with the id of customtool into the header of your theme and a small snippet of code. These will need to be added to all files in your layout folder. See layout/general.php in the downloaded theme.
  2. Copy style/customtool.css into your themes style folder
  3. Add the customtool.css into the list of styles in your themes config.php. See config.php in downloaded theme
  4. Copy the YUI folder into your theme, or merge contents if one already exists
  5. Copy lib.php into your theme folder, or merge into your lib.php if one already exists
  6. Copy the wallpapers folder into your themes pix folder

That should be enough to get it working on your own theme. You will probably want to modify style/customtool.css and a section of HTML in YUI/colourswitcher/colourswitcher.js to suit your requirements.

See video below for the theme and tool in action


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